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FROM 5 MT TO 100 MT 


DC Arc furnace is the most versatile means for melting ferrous metals.

Until recently, AC Arc Furnaces were used for melting as generation & distribution of AC power was convenient. But with the progress in thyristor Technology, DC Supply has become a genuine alternative to AC Supply.        

Due to the fast escalating costs of raw materials and electricity, it has become imperative to adopt a process which can compensate for high costs of these inputs, and DC Arc Melting Furnace is such an equipment.  We can offer DC Arc Furnaces from 3 MW/ 5 MT to 100 MW / 100 MT capacity.


  • Lower graphite electrode consumption by 50%

  • Decreased power consumption by 5-7%

  • Reduced inrush currents and flicker due to stable and regulated arc

  • Reduced metal loss and better recovery of Ferro alloys

  • Reduced refractory consumption due to single arc in the center

  • Decreased tap to tap time

  • Temperature uniformity due to better stirring

  • Inexpensive pollution control system due to reduced gas & dust load

  • Control Circuit is developed in such a way so that it can also be used to convert any AC Arc Furnace to DC Arc Furnace

  • Unique water cooled composite bottom electrode made of steel & copper. There is no danger of explosion as no water enters the furnace shell. Bottom electrode has a life of 1 -2 years, the same as hearth life.


Electrical Power Utilization in AC Arc Furnace is 65%. To improve utilization, We have developed the Twin Shell DC Furnace concept in which a single common power source is connected alternately to two furnace shells. With this system, We can obtain:
  • Utilization Factor of 95%.
  • Sufficient time for the fettling, charging, preheating of scrap & refining of metal without loss in production time.
  • A complete standby operating shell at the nominal cost.
  • Two heats simultaneously for large heat/castings.  

Advantage Of D.C. Arc Furnace Over A.C. Arc Furnace 

UNIARC offers many advantages compared to A.C. Arc Melting Furnaces

  • DC mode of operation ensures high arc stability, eliminates inrush currents and distrubances in Power System.
  • Reduce metal loss by 2 4 5.
  •  Reduces electrode consumption by 60%.
  • Lower energy consumption by 5 - 7%.
  • Absence of Hot Spots and Lower refractory consumption by 20%.
  • DC flicker is 20% of AC flickers as current control reduces fluctuation of reactive power, Can also work on weak lines.
  • Homogeneous temperature & composition due to intense stirring in molten metal.
  • Ability to melt high percentage of DRI in the charge.
  • Fewer mechanical components with less wear & tear reduce maintenance costs to only 40%.
  • Environment friendly system with lower dust load by 80% & hence lower cost of pollution control equipment by 505.
  • UNIARC does not require Static VA Compensators for operation.