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World's First Cutting Edge Technology & Service That Is Designed To Reduce The Production Down Time, In The Event Of Induction Furnace Break Down - - -      " Without The Financial Paralysis." 




  • Minimize The Production Downtime.
  • Designed To Show You Precisely Where the Problem IS In Your Furnace?
  • Designed To Guide You How To Fix The Problem?
  • 24 Hours A Day/Seven Days a Week On Line Technical Support.
  • Can Be Installed On Any Brand Of Furnace.
  • Operator Friendly. 
  • Designed To Trouble Shoot The Problem In Your Furnace Without Experienced Engineer OR Technician.
  • Automatic Sintering Control.
  • Automatic Start & Pre Heating Of The Furnace.
  • Automatic Maximum Demand Control.
  • MANAGERS Can Monitor Melting Operation From Their Office. 
  • Monthly Report On Your Furnace Performance & Tuning.



Please contact us to find out more about the Melt Doctor or Demonstration. You must see it to believe it. Please call us and we will show you How the Melt Doctor can rescue you during crisis and Automate your furnace's operation.